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Sonic XX

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The worst Sonic's enemy Eggman has found a lost magical artifact in Emerald Hill. It's a diamond that is able to transform a man into a woman. The villain decided to test it on Sonic converting him to a busty pornstar :)
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Jonny234 2020-04-17 13:36:48
Fuck offf
Nikki234 2020-04-17 10:02:22
Peach is gorgeous as fuck !
Josh Allen Williamson 2020-04-14 19:01:54
Sex is the best
Nam 2020-03-02 11:47:09
2020-01-07 16:00
Khan 2020-02-26 19:18:29
Please help I'm interested
Luong 2020-02-24 15:00:40
Ngo huu luong
Nishana 2019-12-18 06:59:50
This game is fucking funny
demon sonic.exe 2019-12-05 01:16:50
hi sonicboom.exe different dimension
demon sonic.exe 2019-12-05 01:14:38
hi my name demon sonic.exe
zafttcg 2019-07-31 10:28:21
The game was pretty good as a dressing and puzzle but the sex sences was the worst part of the game
66g 2019-05-10 07:52:34
Sonicboom.exe 2019-04-07 23:32:41
Hi My name sonicboom.exe
devils bitch 2019-03-02 04:59:02
I love sex games
noob 2019-02-13 18:10:38
how do I get fourth omlllll
jolynn 2018-09-15 20:51:01
i need fifth how do i get it
jolynn 2018-09-15 20:50:42
i need fifth how do i get it
no one 2017-10-05 22:48:06
How do you unlock the fifth crystal!?!?
catfish 2017-09-26 05:14:36
How do you get sonic and shadow together
xXROMPE_VAGINAS_3000Xx 2017-04-22 06:13:00
-1 emerald: touching the tits -2 emerald: touch the vagina -3 emerald: put on the first suit of the third row and then press the tits -4 emerald: put on the orange suit and go where the chao and presses the tits for 10 seconds -5 emerald: put on the suit of heart and then go to the third fund, and call the attention to shadow and touch the mouth Then undress and go to the room and touch the vagina and READY I'm sorry for my English
Anonymous 2017-01-24 05:56:55
For those that are wanting that final chaos emerald, I know how to get shadow You need to have Rouge outfit on than whistle at him than click his lips.
anonymous 2015-10-09 21:35:20
were the fuck is the fifth gemmer
mehul 2015-10-08 04:33:37
BreadBreaker 2015-05-05 14:13:23
Nice game...
Milanor 2015-04-14 04:10:33
2 touch boobs or mouth 3 touch all 4 in eggman room touch boobs whit the first dress 5 dress sonic like "Tikal the Hechidna" and go chaos room , touch boobs 6 go to tails room , dress like "Cream " kiss and touch boobs 7 just use imagination
jhrhbvdcdcfg hvv 2015-02-16 16:35:51
dam it takes for ever to play!!!!!
Makayla 2014-09-22 03:10:29
tetas123 2014-07-30 22:38:59
nice game
anonymous 2014-07-13 07:28:11
fourth gem to unlock click on boobs and hold for 3 seconds in while wearing eggman outfit in eggbase
sexlover 2014-06-26 09:49:59
nice game
Blackhook9 2014-05-22 03:52:23
I love sonic xx
LOLO 2013-12-18 14:15:59
Rtank00 2013-11-15 22:45:41
hot girls text this number 716-812-6204
jer 2013-11-04 00:52:09
jer 2013-11-04 00:51:10
jer 2013-11-04 00:47:21
the 4th emrald is hard
butt 2013-11-02 13:50:21
the hints are so hard
Cancer6667 2013-10-26 01:00:37
All this for a blowjob? The fuck am I doing with my time...
jdfbsklxuc 2013-10-21 21:17:39
how the fuck can you get past the emerald part give me better hints
hdh 2013-10-14 04:13:21
how to get six gems
wangmingwei 2013-09-16 01:11:07
only a badend?
someoneelse 2013-08-29 12:11:48
and how to attract sonic friend : for red one you need to wear pink dress ,click red bunny then he will stare you and you click your pussy and don't forget to be naked before you have a sex
someoneelse 2013-08-29 12:07:52
4th emerald you need to wear orange dress and press boobs about 2seconds in chao world
someoneelse 2013-08-29 12:06:39
I know how to find every emerald
dont fukin know 2013-07-31 14:17:23
well then.... good game, just hate the first part
Someone 2013-07-02 19:50:46
1st crystal: nothing, it's given 2nd and 3rd: click boobs, lips and vag 4th: Go to scary looking map (xD) put on pirate outfit and press boobs 5th: 4th outfit, fourth hair, 2nd map, hold boobs for 5 seconds 6th: attract them Special segment: Bedroom, strip, click vag
suckmeslut 2013-06-11 15:24:53
I beat the whole game no lie
anonymus 2013-05-19 18:42:08
how you get the last emerald
webserch 2013-05-05 00:08:07
How do I get past the fourth emerald?
mike 2013-04-09 19:12:15
how to get fifth em
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