The Legend of Krystal

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This is a crazy porn game with characters from the classic PC games. For example, we can choose a princess from Super Mario series and fuck her hard in every hole.
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charlie 2015-09-27 21:57:50
Hey sexy ladies
charlie 2015-09-27 21:57:35
Her ladies
sweet becky 2013-10-28 09:11:20
ima little wet from tis preety cool
huy vam 2012-09-20 17:29:45
259 259 259 259 259 259
anne Davis 2012-05-17 14:16:14
very nice games..!!i like a horny pussy...! :))
SHAMZY 2012-02-15 19:49:51
but this is still preeeeeeeeeetttttty cooool
SHAMZY 2012-02-15 19:48:47
why dont you just play the full krystal game on NEWGROUNDS...
krystal <3 2012-01-15 22:45:34
luyna 2011-12-30 03:40:16
it so hot
lushiouslesbian 2011-08-02 01:01:03
anyone know any sites for good lesbian porn games message me
Hillfingr 2011-04-13 04:21:02
this is a fucking horny game, im wanking hard at the moment
ihaveabigdick 2011-03-26 01:47:28
i wish i could bang everyone of those chicks
pussy sex 2011-03-19 20:50:10
you pussy nice can we meet somewhere to fuck ah.........
cutie88 2011-02-06 12:00:13
wish there were full games without little glitches
a bitch 2011-02-02 09:24:51
i want a fuck deeper and deeper harder and harder
corruption 2011-01-27 20:46:01
you are a hentai
Anonymous 2011-01-03 01:44:31
i love cumming during this game
hornyguy 2010-12-31 06:08:15
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horneysomuch 2010-11-15 02:56:14
i wish my husband's cock was as long as this game's load =/ wat a dream!
Anonymous 2010-11-11 07:21:23
im ready to jizz all over sombody now
t_nadia 2010-11-06 09:59:02
krystal is soooooo lucky, wish i was her
jorje 2010-10-27 10:13:42
el juego es cul
big boy 2010-10-20 17:14:10
dam this is hot
anonymous 2010-10-09 11:37:41
anonymous 2010-10-09 11:18:15
i have a cock that girl goes crazyyyyyyyy.i always ready to fuck
rik banerjee 2010-10-06 15:56:17
sexy game
rumdumconundrum 2010-09-30 15:52:07
ah, good ol' playshapes. He's got a newgrounds channel too.
Anonymous 2010-09-29 14:31:07
Cool game =P
dariaolsen 2010-09-12 11:39:21
someone has to finish this. it's got all the perfect parts!
WTF? 2010-09-07 10:48:47
best game ever! LOL
penis balls 2010-09-06 05:31:57
nigger cunt
penis balls 2010-09-06 05:26:39
dude link tottally just RAPED zelda HAHAHAHA thats our town but wer not mean hehehehehahahaha
Anonymous 2010-09-06 04:56:16
fio08 2010-08-31 06:32:36
Just by looking at the sad expression on peach's face, you can tell the game has clear derogatory messages. All Peach does is walk up to men and get raped. No wonder women are still treated as if they weren't people. It would be more fun to see more INTERACTION between characters rather than a worth-drained female character. The ones who are hard to get are more exciting and realistic. This is not.
t nadin lovre 2010-08-30 20:30:49
i wanyou fuck anal
ping 2010-08-25 14:19:04
it is sex
Anonymous 2010-08-20 02:44:36
good game,but load for along time
Anonymous 2010-07-05 08:31:02
t_nadia 2010-07-04 09:25:15
the furry game is the hottest!!!
Anonymous 2010-07-02 14:34:22
good game it made me so wet playing it someone put a cock in me and squirt on my face right now
jsghurhewgu 2010-06-26 07:19:15
picocaliente 2010-06-11 23:48:04
bitman 2010-06-06 03:35:24
sexy girl !!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh!
asdf 2010-06-03 21:00:55
stop send you`re funking penis nobody want it too see
Anonymous 2010-05-28 00:12:03
fox girl disappears after you blow lord reptile guy WTF!!!!
NoOne 2010-05-22 06:03:47
Makes me want to cum!
sweet becky 2010-05-12 09:50:23
made me wet...very hot game!!!
touch it! 2010-05-11 22:56:52
long load but good game
jjjjjjj 2010-05-11 13:05:48
kinda weird some of it doesnt work
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