The Big Thaw Alpha 15

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Enjoy the updated version (0.15). In this visual novel sex game with 3DCG animated sex scenes, you've been defrosted (after 1000 tears of cryo-sleep) into a word with a shortage of men and plenty of hot sluts who need your sperm to help keep birth rates high! This is an erotic re-imagining of how things might have gone when Fry was defrosted at 'Advanced Cryogenics'. There's plenty of recognizable characters to fuck and some interesting gameplay mechanics too. Help guide Fry to a much better fate than "Delivery Boy" in this 'Futurama' parody porn game. (As usual, right click to hide the text box)
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Dark 2020-05-22 05:34:17
how do we get deforsted?
Jonny234 2020-04-17 10:57:01
You are game very very sexy
Nikki234 2020-04-17 08:12:27
Ellex 29
Jizzblast 2020-02-20 05:44:21
I want to cum to biitches
big reggin 2019-11-09 03:09:11
Bro y does it freeze on cum scenes
Vasy 2019-10-27 09:07:50
Where do I put the codes?
ni$hu 2019-10-12 01:02:23
well ask heather if there is any other method other than the black tar
BRB 2019-10-10 13:16:16
Stuck on loading after titjob from Leela
wut 2019-10-08 17:13:05
we've been bamboozled
Silen 2019-10-08 15:33:14
am i the only player to get a link to gamcore and not the fucking game?!!!
flippyfloppy 2019-06-07 10:48:42
he Codes: LEELASLIQUOR: +50% Charisma HEATUPHEATHER: 25% Permanent defrost FEELINGVERYRANDY: + 50% Randy Affection QUEENSLUTOFANAL: + 50% Morgan Affection TURANGASTITS: +50% Leela Affection HYPNOTOADGLORY: Make all the girls visit the glory hole. SWEETWITHHEATHER: + 100% Affection. Heather loves you, Auto complete greeting ritual. WHIPITGOOD: Learn to use the whip. COLLARTHEBITCH: Morgan is your Sub. Requires whip. GOOTENZEXYPILLS: Pills to keep fucking after cumming. IMASINNERNOW: Activate SIN chip IAINTNOSINNER: Deactivate SIN Chip HEATHERISINHEAT: Heather can conceive KNOCKUPRANDY: Increase...
champ champ 2019-06-06 03:00:59
CHEATS: PRE GAME: Leela's eye. On the title screen click Leela's eye. Right in the pupil. Code entered here ONLY WORKS IN A NEW GAME IN GAME: Click Randy's lips in the hallway. cheats should only work when entered in ALL CAPS. LEELALIQUOR: + 50% Charisma (Broken right now, sorry) HEATHERHEAT: 25% Permanent defrost FEELINGRANDY: + 50% Randy Affection SWEETONHEATHER: + 100% Affection. Heather loves you, Auto complete greeting ritual.
sax 2019-05-12 16:16:03
Damn.. this game is incredible... but skipping text is really a pain in the ass : right now i'm trapped as Randy ask me to go see Heather to get defrosted... but cannot go further. I can't be defrosted and can't get the SIN chip... exept this point this whole game is awesomely good
CaptainBeyond 2019-05-10 04:38:54
What are the cheat codes?
Bad 2019-05-07 17:13:01
ew no. no. nonono. this looks... WRONG
? ? ? 2019-05-07 04:32:37
Holy SHIT iam alive
? ? ? 2018-12-28 07:49:14
TIP don't skip to much or it will glitch and don't go straight o the bath you lose and have to start all over unless you save
omg 2018-11-21 11:32:33
motha ****** what the heck!!!
humantrash 2018-11-20 23:54:54
why do they all look like they were born to mothers who drank nothing but vodka during their pregnancies
A friend 2018-11-20 23:02:47
I can suck a dick!!
The Radical 2018-11-20 22:35:37
the first two people who commented are fucking gay and they will die in the next 23 hours 46 minute and 17 seconds.
Lil Dick 2018-11-20 22:10:47
Anyone commenting Before me can suck my dick

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