Teasing Holidays Part 1

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It's break time at college. And again Alyssa left the campus to visit her cousin Emilee. She hopes to find some work at this period, but Emilee has another plans, all she wants is to hang out with boys.
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spiderman 2018-05-20 06:49:51
Pls give some codes
Big_Dick1738 2015-09-08 21:46:23
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Dcosta 2015-08-10 10:31:15
how to cross the bicycling part.. any number code??
bigdickcory 2015-06-20 22:15:50
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cliteater 2015-06-13 01:47:00
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Guest 2015-05-22 10:03:15
I cant even get past the first bit, its undoing 1 button then nothing happens.....
Have sex? 2015-05-07 10:49:08
Have sex?I want to make love
XXOO 2015-05-04 09:56:45
so hottttttttttttttttt
XXOO 2015-05-04 09:56:44
so hottttttttttttttttt
XXOO 2015-05-04 09:56:43
so hottttttttttttttttt
XXOO 2015-05-04 09:56:41
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big dick 2015-03-26 19:49:32
shit! this game
big dick 2015-03-26 19:48:43
I can't even get past the 1st thing
algerian lost horner 2015-03-21 16:04:02
Nadia I want your ass
t_nadia 2015-03-01 18:11:45
excellent and very hot
Emac 2015-02-24 11:02:17
how to steal the wine?
cutie88 2015-02-23 14:25:38
sharks games are always so hot
king 2015-02-22 15:04:55
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leon 2015-02-22 03:33:10
jammed at the shop, brunette girl bent to reach the biscuit, and what?
dariaolsen 2015-02-21 14:39:35
just type "bike"
abx 2015-02-21 14:33:34
hw to cross d pool part...m getting lost agn nd agn...hlp plz...
benzykat 2015-02-20 20:38:28
Decent game
t_nadia 2015-02-20 15:40:56
that was very hot
ana 2015-02-20 08:03:37
SexyBaby94 2015-02-20 04:09:19
Hey guys, check out my profile ;)
angoy 2015-02-19 14:54:51
S 2015-02-19 08:41:23
Cannot undo buttons on shirt in first part
Gabzie 2015-02-19 02:37:23
Why are Emilee's ass-cheeks so white? There are no panty tan lines to go with it! With breasts it makes sense, but I see no reason why you'd cover up your butt-cheeks while tanning. I also learned that Google apparently doesn't have "panty" in its unaltered dictionary.
jesus 2015-02-18 14:20:43
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh i want to fuck a girl......
sepp 2015-02-18 09:51:20
how to steal the wine?
mister_goob 2015-02-17 21:14:01
I need help
dauvipur 2015-02-17 20:52:51
comment on fait pour passer le marchand de souvenir?
TFUS 2015-02-17 15:30:05
Lovely game! im getting really horny....
mitraillet 2015-02-17 08:35:48
not so bad ;) check my profile ;)
hmm 2015-02-17 06:07:10
he password (secret code) of the game is: bike - Click between the breasts of the brunette and click directly again on the same spot. - Click on the right hand of the blonde (stay clicked (take your time) and wait until she stops to move her hand) then move your mouse downward. - Click on the belly of the brunette (on her shirt) - Click at the right of the waist of the brunette and move your mouse downward. - Click on the head of the blonde and move your mouse downward to the right. - Click on the right elbow of the brunette and move your mouse downward. - Click on the left arm of...
hmm 2015-02-17 05:59:50
how do you get pass the bike part with her panties before the cop see you
wackyfox26 2015-02-17 05:22:19
this game is pretty lame
Like I Care 2015-02-17 00:26:51
Hint, this game sucks, as do all Sharks Lagoon games.
Steve 2015-02-16 23:15:14
Hint word is "bike".
anonymous 2015-02-16 22:56:49
Help!. I can steal the bottle
anonym 2015-02-16 22:17:54
hint word is bike
jesus 2015-02-16 22:15:41
hint word is bike
fred 2015-02-16 20:41:20
hint word anyone
fred 2015-02-16 20:40:36
hint word anyone
kian72 2015-02-16 20:09:57
check my profile
THIRD 2015-02-16 20:07:58
second 2015-02-16 19:53:44
first 2015-02-16 18:53:16
first bitches!!!!!!1!

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