Secret Fantasy Dreams 2

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Today we'll meet again with Wendy and her sexy girl mate Chloe. This time our chicks have been kidnapped by Taliban militants. Their leader called Tarak is going to rape them hard. And be sure, he'll do this. But before he wants to look at his captives doing some hot lesbo action. You have to help our girls and turn the story to happy one :)
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dariaolsen 2011-07-05 21:35:36
what do you do after you put the cream on her ?
BoowAwamb 2011-02-28 01:25:42
Nice site ....)
sexywetashley 2010-12-09 16:11:09
were is the razor?
sexywetashley 2010-12-09 16:09:35
i cant put down the brush cream thing help plz
Anonymous 2010-11-17 05:25:26
I can't find any razor....
lopa 2010-07-09 07:51:54
lopa 2010-07-09 07:49:19
sweet becky 2010-05-31 09:54:10
i wanna get fucked immediately....any helpers?
2010-05-31 05:02:36
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2010-05-31 05:02:15
i need a cock 2 replace my dildo.....someone please HELP ; )
boobies r good 2010-05-09 19:28:14
so long 2 load
g-girl 2010-05-09 17:42:19
The game does not work...!!!!
the Fuxinatorz 2010-03-30 10:09:43
the Fuxinatorz 2010-03-30 10:08:35
you noobs don't know how to play this game?
dariaolsen 2010-03-19 14:19:54
i like so much the games with wendy
The Dude in the Mood 2010-03-11 12:10:29
Won't....Load?? .....O_o....damn!
anon 2010-03-04 02:12:41
What do I do after her pussy's all lathered up?
GIMGIM&$ 2010-02-27 19:36:52
Wendy 2010-01-30 07:21:11
the end is funny! (=
Harry Cocker 2010-01-30 00:40:02
Anonymous 2010-01-06 12:38:18
how the hell do u get past the fist bit it's the same with all the games like this i swear
boobcat 2009-11-20 22:04:24
how do u play this game i got the mirror then what
cutie88 2009-11-17 20:49:36
my pussy is wet now
Cadu 2009-11-13 13:37:45
So tem filho da puta nessa pagina...tem o que fazer nao bando de desocupados....vao se fuder....
GIRTH 2009-11-06 18:32:37
got to the shaving wendys pussy, how the funk do you do it? AISHA didnt help!
muna 2009-10-20 06:32:02
its great
willma 2009-10-19 11:12:51
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t_nadia 2009-10-17 22:15:57
i'm so horny now...
mb 2009-10-07 04:13:22
i can't put the mirror down... clicking the mirror doesn't work? help me please. i shouldn't be stuck this soon!! haha
Fiona 2009-09-25 14:59:50
Macht mir Lust auf mehr
bored 2009-08-31 12:56:23
2 long load
kween 2009-08-30 16:46:40
finally another one
kween 2009-08-30 16:46:23
finally another one
masturbation_90 2009-08-29 08:49:06
xxx 2009-08-27 09:27:17
come on girls anybody interested in sex
sweet becky 2009-08-21 17:03:30
good game btw i'm as naughty as Wendy:)
ChicaLover 2009-08-21 15:15:50
I love these horny afternoon game series! have all game sin pc! Any girls up for a chat and pic share! Add me!!
m 2009-08-18 12:06:42
saala chuchi dikha hi nahi gand dikha
felin 2009-08-13 08:57:31
comment faire pour terminer la 2eme partie de la 2eme scene svp
LongandHard 2009-08-13 03:55:00
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t_nadia 2009-08-08 11:49:27
i cant stop touching my wet pussy
the big man 2009-08-07 23:26:56
S 2009-08-04 04:46:27
You can't make Chol do three guys at once
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